Monday, January 24, 2011

Brit Transport Cops 'To Have Firearms Unit'

Brit Cops love German Guns (9mm HK-MP5 SMG's here) What's up with that?
A formal decision has not yet been made, but an announcement is expected within weeks.
The force's 4,500 police and support staff are responsible for guarding the UK's rail network along with London Underground and other Metro systems. But British Transport Police have to call in specialist armed officers from local forces to respond to terrorist threats and other armed incidents at stations...sources suggest that BTP management have drawn up initial plans for around 100 BTP officers in London to be trained to carry guns...their training may be co-ordinated by the Ministry of Defence police, the force responsible for guarding around 100 MoD buildings and military bases around the UK...
----Full Report at Sky News----
The days of the unarmed Bobby are long gone, and the banning of self-defense firearms to the public, along with the mind-control operation the Govt. turned on it's own people to disarm them, has born bitter fruit, with hundreds of UK citizens murdered and maimed in the name of political correctness by "illegally armed anti-social elements" the ban helped produce. It should be noted that  pre-WW2 Bobbies did carry revolvers but these were concealed and always denied if anyone asked.  It was a fiction, a lie, everyone colluded in to present the Police in UK as "more civilized")...MOD Police training the Transit Police is interesting,in view of 'rules of engagement" have to be different.. Despite the propaganda, UK armed Police are generally inept compared to US Police when it comes to firearms use. No brag, just fact...(S9)

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