Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fascist Spain I.M. Clampdown on Firearms despite 'harshest' gun laws in Europe

Franco-fans no faves of freedom
Semi-automatic weapons which hold three or more bullets are to be banned, that is about 70% of the rifles and shotguns on the market. It means that thousands of weapons will now be useless and will have to be thrown away or subjected to expensive repair....22 calibre weapons are to be prohibited...
Silencers are to be banned. A new limit of eight is to be set for collectors of rifles. Firearms can no longer be auctions, and used weapons will now be destroyed...The Ministry for the Interior want to see an end to removable cartridges as seen in most rifles...Hunters, shooters and arms dealers have described the ideas as ‘the last straw’. They claim that the legislation in Spain is already the harshest in Europe...
---Full Report at typically spanish news ----
I'm assuming the translation ("removable cartridges") means they want to ban 'detachable magazines', the favorite target of US & International gun prohibitionist forces of evil (Think Soros). Espana has never strayed far from it's Falangist roots since Franco collaborated with Hitler's Nazis to win the civil war, and in typical heavyhanded style, the "Ministry of the Interior" seeks to slam through everything at once, mindlessly striking out with no regard for their law-abiding citizens, who already have the M.I.'s  jackbooted heels on their necks as it is. All this while at a weak war against Muslim & ETA terrorists who actually are a menace to society, killing Spanish citizens (priorities)?. Their oppressive Police State tradition continues...(S9)

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