Saturday, January 8, 2011

CA Tyranny Expose':New Gov Fan of Semi-Auto Ban Restrictions

The opinion, prepared for Brown by Deputy Attorney General Diane E. Eisenberg, is No. 09-901...The opinion was issued by then-Attorney General Jerry Brown...on his last business day in office before taking the oath as governor...cited Silveira v. Lockyer (2003) 312. F.3d, which held that a provision—subsequently repealed—of the original Assault Weapons Control Act permitting retired officers to possess weapons acquired from their agencies at the time of retirement violated the Equal Protection Clause, but that a provision allowing active officers to possess department-owned weapons while off-duty was valid under the rational-basis test.
Under Silveira and the ensuing legislation, Brown said, an officer who retires would no longer fall within an exception, so an officer who is permitted to possess a weapon off-duty must return the weapon to his agency upon retirement. Allowing an officer who has retired to possess a personally acquired weapon would be inconsistent with Silveira’s reasoning and the act’s intent to stop “the proliferation and use of assault weapons.”
Nor, he said, has Silveira been abrogated by the Supreme Court ruling that there is an individual right to possess firearms under the Second Amendment... 
----Overlooked Full story exposed at Metropolitan News Company----
There you have it, Friends: "stop “the proliferation and use of" semi-autos that have had no statistical significance in actual crime, but "look scary", i.e. mythical media created so-called 'assault weapons.”...He (Brown) waited until after he was elected to reveal he is no supporter of the 2nd Amendment, much less can he be expected to repeal any of the draconian arbitrary and unjust gun laws, including the hated semi-auto ban statutes, oppressing the God-forsaken people of Kalifornia. It appears he will be worse than Arnold, now it has been established he rejects the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court on the 2nd Amendment being applicable to Kalifornia citizens. (Notice he let his Deputy AG Eisenberg speak for him here, offering deniability if he catches heat on the subject). He appealed & used CA LEO's to help him get elected, now the stilletto in the back. If he will happily screw the Cops on semi-autos, regular citizens don't have a snowball's chance in hell!....CA Gunowners get anal-raped again, without even a courtesy reach-around or Vaseline..."Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss", and maybe even worse.....(S9)

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