Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CA Tyranny:Superior Court Strikes Down Ammo Ban Law

Fresno Superior Court ruled today that California's new ammunition regulation law is unconstitutional, and blocked further enforcement. The law, passed last year as AB 962, would have banned mail order ammunition sales and required all purchases of so called “handgun ammunition” to be registered.  In an unwritten ruling from the bench, Judge Jeffrey Hamilton found the law unconstitutionally vague on its face and issued an injunction against its enforcement. For now, at least, mail order ammunition sales to California residents can continue, and ammunition sales need not be registered under the law. The lawsuit—funded by the National Rifle Association and the California Rifle and Pistol (CRPA) Foundation as part of a joint Legal Action Project—was prompted in part by the many objections and questions raised by confused police, ammunition purchasers, and sellers about what ammunition is covered by the new law....The ruling comes just days before the ban on mail order sales of so called “handgun ammunition” was set to take effect.  Many of the nation's largest mail-order and online ammunition retailers had already announced that they would soon end sales to California residents...
---Full Flash Report at ILA----
NRA/CRPA got this one right and it is a huge victory for Kalifornia's harassed gun owners...However, we know the anti-gun nuts will be back, and with even more schemes in store, keeping us tied down in these rearguard battles, when the major fight is getting these unjust gun bans repealed in this State, and it looks like the new Gov will be no help in the fight, bending over and spreading for the gun-hating meddlers befouling the seats of state government...(S9)    

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