Monday, January 24, 2011

Burmese Karenni firefighters given weapons by Government

Little Guy, Big Gun
Firefighters in Karenni state have been given weapons by a local Burmese army battalion and tasked with keeping security in villages, a relief group has said. The move is aimed at compensating for army troops who have been sent to the frontline, likely further south in Karen state where Burmese troops are fighting a coalition of ethnic armies led by the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA)...Despite having one of Asia’s largest standing armies, the Burmese ‘Tatmadaw’ regularly accused of co-opting civilians into its ranks. In recent weeks numbers of prisoners have been used as porters to carry troop equipment and act as human minesweepers...
---Full story at DVB Website---
The ruthless & murderous Government troops continue to slaughter their way to continued power by any means necessary (as portrayed in the recent "Rambo" film), even co-opting rescue organizations to the darkside by forcing them to carry weapons. However, resistance fighters are forming a new coalition and will continue the fight against the forces of genocidal evil...(S9)

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