Thursday, January 13, 2011

Marine Commandos Select Israeli Rifles For SPECOPS

The Indian Navy’s elite marine commandos armed with Israeli assault rifles that will enhance their operational capability as a force trained for special operations...over 500 TAR-21 Tavor assault rifles and another 30 Galil sniper rifles...delivered to the MARCOS (marine commandos) in December 2010,...the Israeli Military Industries (IMI), the manufacturer of the specialist weapons, will be in India to carry out joint inspection of the consignment’s post-delivery quality to ensure the weapons are in fighting-fit condition....The two weapons are already in use with the Indian Army’s special forces and the Indian Air Force’s Garud special forces units...The Tavor, a 5.56mm calibre weapon of Nato specifications, is a 21st century assault rifle from IMI...The Galil is a 7.62mm sniper weapon...known as Galatz in the Israeli defence forces...
----Full Article at The Peninsulaqatar----
Indian "Leather-necked Squids" will be getting some interesting hardware, but many in the know will mutter this purchase had more to do with politics & under the table $$$ than operational superiority. Meh'...Only time and combat ops will prove the point, but meanwhile it will be the young/old soldiers who will pay the butcher's bill to find out...(S9)

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