Monday, January 10, 2011

Semi-Auto Ban Would Not Have Prevented Tucson Shooting

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As usual, the ghouls at the Brady Center follow hot on the trail of a murder; in this case they are arguing that, had the federal assault-weapons ban not been allowed to expire, the Tucson shooter would have had a hard time buying the magazine he used in the gun with which he shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. It is certainly not true that, as Salon put it, “Weapon in rampage was banned under Clinton-era law.” The weapon in question, a 9mm Glock 19 pistol, was not banned; neither were the 31-round magazines the shooter used. What was banned was the manufacture or importation of new magazines with a capacity of more than ten rounds....Nor is it true that, as the Brady Center claims, “Glock pistols are particularly easy to fire, letting off rounds as quickly as the operator can pull the trigger.” All semiautomatic weapons let off rounds as quickly as the operator can pull the trigger; that is the definition of a semiautomatic weapon. The Glock 19 does not have a particularly light trigger pull — its standard trigger-pull weight is 5.5 pounds...The shooter had one gun with a 31-round magazine. He might as easily have had three guns with ten-round magazines. Or a pipe bomb, or a truck full of fertilizer. The focus on the gun, as usual, distracts us from the question of the killer...
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Kevin D. Williamson takes head on the lying anti-gun nuts, (again dancing in the blood of the dead to advance their agenda) with indisputable facts and grinds them into the dust! Don't miss this article, which makes the point that "what is called for is not stricter gun control, but stricter felon control"...(S9)

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