Thursday, March 14, 2013

AR-15 Gun Lockers for Police in Schools approved by 7 to 1 Vote (Maine)

*Officer with AR-15*
A heavy gun-safe in a static area beats leaving the rifle as a visual temptation in the patrol vehicle, not to mention that a potential mass-killer may look for that as a cue before deciding to mount or abort a cowardly attack...(S9)
Police will be able to stow AR-15 patrol rifles inside Brunswick’s public schools after a 7-1 school board vote Wednesday.
Board members approved new, larger lockers for school resource officers to secure their larger weapons while on duty at the schools.
Official costs were not available, but the expense of the lockers is estimated to be several hundred dollars each.
Officers routinely carry their sidearms inside schools, said Detective Mike Andreotti, but have left their “patrol rifles” in their squad cars parked outside the schools. Andreotti told the board that having the larger weapons within the schools will allow them to respond to emergency situations more readily.
School board member Brenda Clough voted against the proposal...
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