Monday, March 11, 2013

California: A reporter meets the AR-15

This one is also more neutral than the usual propaganda claptrap, possibly because her mentor was knowledgeable and she was open minded. Note that the California compliant features she mentions here are again under attack and they are looking to eliminate even these. It is clear to anyone with critical thinking skills that confiscation is the ultimate goal...(S9)

I was a bit apprehensive when a Napa man invited me to join him at a local range to shoot his AR-15, a firearm that could be banned under several pending legislative proposals.
He had built his own AR-15 a year ago and wanted to show me firsthand how the firearm operates and why it’s his gun of choice in shooting competitions. Having only read about the controversial rifle, I quickly took him up on the offer...Jeff handed me one bullet and told me how to release the gun’s magazine, which, per California law, can be dropped only by pressing a button using a tool or a pointed bullet. His AR-15 is compatible only with magazines holding 10 rounds or less, also in accordance with California law...The gun’s rugged, militaristic-looking exterior had me expecting an experience more like a shotgun than a pellet gun. I’d built up the impact so much in my mind that when it came to pulling the trigger, I was a bit underwhelmed. I — and many others, I suspect — incorrectly thought “AR” is short for “assault rifle.” I was informed at the range, and later confirmed through some research, that the name is actually derived from ArmaLite Rifle, the company that originally built the gun before selling the design to Colt. I’d pictured something that with one press of the trigger would spray bullets across the horizon. Because the AR-15 is a semi-automatic, the trigger must be pulled with each shot...
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