Sunday, March 17, 2013

Semi-Auto Ban: Case study in the politics of frivolity

*Local Police waived gun laws to permit these  guns be used as backdrop*

California already has a semi-auto ban (soon about to get worse), gun registration and has had confiscations of firearms and people jailed from that list on a regular basis. Feinstien seeks to carry these tyrannical edicts nationwide, most recently over the dead bodies of children when she dragged out from the vaults her shopworn updated "Assault weapons Ban". Writer Jeb Golinkin has an interesting take on the subject - (S9)
all available evidence suggests that an assault weapons ban would have a negligible impact on safety. Of course, that point is one of substance, and nothing about the debate over the proposed AWB has anything to do with whether it will or will not work. Everything about the proposed renewal of the AWB is theatrics and serves as yet another example of the triumph of style at the expense of substance in our national politics... Sen. Feinstein is widely viewed as the darling of the anti-gun movement and its allies. By proposing the AWB, Sen. Feinstein can tell all of the donors who care about the gun issue that she fought for the most aggressive legislation possible, and that she will keep fighting — which will lead to more donations...By now, you have probably seen the "heated" exchange between Feinstein and the fiery junior senator from Texas, in which Cruz lectures Feinstein about the Second Amendment and Feinstein snaps back that she is not a sixth grader...Cruz is basically just the opposite of Feinstein in that he was elected and funded by people who love firearms and hate the Assault Weapons Ban with a visceral passion...The biggest loser is the American people...Our leaders must get out of the habit of wasting taxpayer resources drafting, amending, debating, and voting on legislation that has no chance of becoming law...
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