Wednesday, March 13, 2013

CA: AR-15 Rifles for School Police

California Demo-Tyrants seek further infringements on semi-auto rifles for citizens, but approve Colt AR 6940 rifles with standard capacity ammunition magazines for school Police in Fontana. Elitism prevails in the most anti-firearms state of the union. Fear and loathing in California continues...(S9)
Fontana Unified School District trustees lined up in favor of their school police force having rifles...
Board members Leticia Garcia and Sophia Green were outraged when they learned from community members that the district's police chief had ordered 14 semi-automatic rifles without board approval.
The total purchase price for the rifles, cases for each one, ammunition, a vault to keep them in and a light for each one was $19,286, said Billy Green, the district's police chief, during a detailed and lengthy presentation to the board... Fontana Police Chief Rod Jones, stressed the rifle's inherent accuracy advantage over a handgun as a reason they would be a must for police responding to an active shooter situation in a school...
Full story is HERE

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