Saturday, March 2, 2013

Video: Mag/Semi-Auto Bans Debunked By Sheriff - Proves Confiscation is the ultimate goal

The use of logic and proof, as done here, will of course be downplayed, ridiculed and hidden from public consumption by the forces of tyranny in government and their media running-dogs, this is expected. For the open-minded critical thinker, this video is useful, so direct it to your associates that you determine may learn and benefit from it. We all must be thankful there are still Sheriffs who are true "Peace Officers" and stand up for the rights of citizens over the lies of political tyrants and stand against their law-abiding population being oppressed by them!..Yes, we are, again, being evaluated in the framework of criminal misuse of firearms, possibly the enemy's favorite smear tactic...We are not criminals, until they sign off on unconstitutional laws/bans that means jail time for us: Then the game changes..Sic Semper Parabellum, my friends!....(S9)
Sen. Frank Lautenberg and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy is pushing a “high-capacity” magazine ban using the argument that mass shooters...would not have killed as many people if they were forced to stop firing and reload their guns. This argument is completely fallacious...The reload question is addressed in the video...Restricting the size of magazines is an incremental step down the road to complete government confiscation and disarmament....
Full article is HERE

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