Sunday, March 24, 2013

U.N. Dictating U.S. Firearms Policy?: Here is why, despite foreign and domestic anti-Gun fanatics, American Constitutionalists will resist

The UN will never understand the USA firearms traditions and culture, here is an example as to why. This is what you get when only the government and those who seek to take over the government are the only armed groups in a country. It is inevitable that armed groups will soon start abusing the unarmed civilians at gunpoint because they can, then factions begin warring among themselves. The anti-gun leftists in the USA arrogantly assume they will be in control once all guns have been confiscated at their behest. They are fools who do not understand Satayana's classic observation: "Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it"...(The long forgotten and little known sadistic 1960's Rebels of the Congo were out of control, with mass murder as daily "entertainment" rivaling the Roman circuses. Barbaric brutality of sickening proportions result when the Dogs of Murder are let loose under the guise of the Dogs of War)...Every person and politician working against the 2nd Amendment, aware of the unintended consequences or not, are creating the groundwork for a similar scenario here in the USA...We must NOT let that happen...(S9)

C. African Republic president overthrown by rebels

The U.N. chief appealed for calm and reiterated that the January peace agreements "remain the most viable framework to ensure durable peace and stability in the country," Nesirky said. Ban also expressed deep concern at reports of serious human rights violations. 

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the unconstitutional seizure of power and called for the swift restoration of constitutional order, U.N. spokesman Martin Nesirky said...
"The political committee of the Seleka coalition, made up of Central Africans of all kinds, calls on the population to remain calm and to prepare to welcome the revolutionary forces of Seleka," it said. Central African Republic, a nation of 4.5 million, has long been wracked by rebellions and power grabs...has been marked by conflict with myriad armed groupsThe rebels reached the outskirts of Bangui ...Heavy gunfire echoed through the city Sunday as the fighters made their way to the presidential palace...They demanded Bozize send home South African forces who were helping bolster the country's military. They also sought to integrate some 2,000 rebel fighters into Central African Republic's armed forces (I.e.: Full employment, Rebel style - S9)...Bangui was plunged into darkness after fighters cut power to much of the city. State radio went dead, and fearful residents cowered in their homes...South African Brig. Gen. Xolani Mabanga, the country's military spokesman, said there had been "intense" fighting this weekend between rebels and South African forces. "Our base was attacked by the rebels as they were advancing toward the capital," he said. We have suffered some casualties," he said. He declined to provide the number of casualties...
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