Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Semi-Auto Ban: The Art of Deception - "Reid kills Feinstein AW ban, making it even more dangerous"

The Art of Deception. These sinister Politicians playing "3-Card Monte" with your 2nd Amendment RKBA...As WLP said in his CPAC Speech: "And they call US crazy?"...You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to grasp the short and to the point observations made here by Bob Owens...(S9)
Be wary of the crocodile tears associated with the “killing” of Diane Feinstein’s expansive and unconstitutional assault weapon’s ban...she has the opportunity to attempt to attach her ban to popular legislation as an amendment, making it more likely of passage, not less.
This is not a victory for our side. It’s only a Democratic attempt to change the rules of a game they were certain to lose...
Full post by Bob Owens HERE

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