Thursday, March 7, 2013

Video - "The AR-15: Firearms Facts" (WTNH News 8)

*Colt AR-15 Semi auto Only*
Not perfect by any means, but closer to the facts than the usual blatantly biased media anti-gun mind control propaganda. (For example, the Armalite was designed long before Colt was given the Contract to build the M-16 version which served in Vietnam). A tip of the hat to WTNH News 8 for at least giving it a try! - (S9)

News 8 asked the CEO of Colt Manufacturing, which is based in Connecticut, to show us the AR-15 design and we asked them to stick to just the facts.
The most common mistake is the name. What does the AR stand for?
"Assault rifle," said one man.
"Automatic rifle," said another.
"First off, it's not an assault rifle. It's the AR, means armalite. We call it the modern sporting rifle because these guns are all used legitimately every day for sporting purposes," said Michael Guerra of Colt Firearms.
The armalight platform was designed back in the Vietnam era as the M-16, which is a true assault rifle, a military grade machine gun that is fully automatic...they are not fully automatic firearms. These are replicas or copies of the military grade which are fully automatic...Colt says what makes the AR-15 so scary looking to some people are the cosmetics and there is a reason the military style is so popular...because many of our servicemen and women as well as ex law enforcement are buying the rifle...
Full Report is HERE

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