Thursday, April 30, 2009

5 Killed in attack on Royal Family

Why is this relevant here? The mass-murderer's weapon of choice was not a semi-automatic so-called "assault weapon", or a firearm of any kind, yet the killer managed to slaughter the unarmed innocents right under the nose of the Police, in broad daylight, with his weapon of choice. Check out the video report at Sky News UK at this link (select, copy & paste into your browser if the link does not activate):
Meanwhile, in another part of the country (Rotterdam), a hothead with a firearm (pistol) only managed to kill one unarmed innocent, and there were no armed Police and/or citizens on scene to stop him. The murderer was eventually taken down not by the Police, but by unarmed civilians (what we call a "Militia" in the USA)...
Deadly Gun Rampage At Talent Contest Cafe
A gunman has opened fire in a busy cafe in Holland, killing one person and injuring three others, police have said.

The man attacked customers in the premises and then ran outside where he shot at bystanders on the street.

A police spokesman said people outside the cafe wrestled the gunman to the ground and held him until officers arrived.

The motive for the shooting, which happened in the early hours in Rotterdam, is not yet known.

But it may have begun with an argument in the cafe, where a talent contest was taking place.

One person was wounded inside the premises and three people were hit on the street, one fatally, the police spokesman said.

Officers said the man was a 46-year-old resident of the city but gave no further details.
2 items to consider--Holland's strict "gun control laws" didn't keep this hothead from packing (but disarmed everyone else at the scene) and the other attack begs the question of which weapon proved the deadliest?. One thing we know for certain: no demonized "evil semi-automatic assault weapons" were involved in either case, and in Holland, you can own rifles that are banned in California...So...Go fig'...

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