Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fwd:Subject: Mixon's Rifle Already Illegal

Be advised, some brutally frank commentary here...
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Subject: Mixon's Rifle Already Illegal

Lovell Mixon's SKS sporter was outlawed in 1999 by executive order! One of the first things, attorney general Bill Lockyer did after being sworn into office; was track down some 2000 law abiding citizens, who purchased them in the stores. SUCKERS! They received threatening letters from Sacramento.

Big Brother used the gun registration records just like the Nazis and communist regeimes of the past. We listened to a constant deluge of threatening radio advertising on the Sacramento/Fresno AM radio stations.

"You'd better turn in your SKS sporters at dur sheriff's office by Jan 1, 2000 or be sent to the state prison for three years."

Don't be surprised if you might find those old carts in the back rooms at stations like KFBK or KMJ because that's where I heard them a decade ago. There were no commercials on the San Francisco/Los Angeles stations. Most of the public doesn't even know, that their corrupt leaders have confiscated guns right under their own noses before.

That magazine is also illegal; because it is loaded with more than 10 rounds of ammo.

Kommiefornia residents, who did not register their banned assault rifles as required by the Roos-Roberti law in 1989 cannot do it now. Those who didn't buy enough high capacity magazines before Jan. 1, 2000 are out of luck too.

Lets ban an illegal rifle. Again! It feels good, and so does a blow job.

Lets register magazines, which the stores haven't sold (to civilians) for more than eight years; because those are illegal too.

Serial numbers have been stamped on guns and magazines for more than 100 years. The same thing was done with bayonets and scabbards too. This practice is very common with most of the world's military issue firearms. Just what kind of a village idiot politician, expects anyone to believe that serial numbers on magazines is a new idea? Sen. Loni Hancock is from the peoples' republik of Berzerkeley - where else.

You cannot sell a used handgun off the books either - not even to a member of the family. They charge $19.00 for a new registration form, that must be filled out and mailed to the attorney general.

These damned fools never succeed in disarming the criminals. They don't even demand the prosecution of a punk; who sold his used guns to a convicted felon, a rapist and a cop killer. The fruits and nuts are in the streets calling the Oakland police - the pigs.

On the other hand, the guy who sold his guns to the Columbine shooters (off the books) in 1998 got hard time in a Colorado prison.

There are immigration questions on the BATFE sales forms too! Illegal aliens are not allowed to have firearms. They can't buy them with a foreign drivers license either. Corrupt rulers (of gang infested sanctuary cities) won't call ICE; even if these punks in red and blue T shirts repeatedly violate a 40 year old federal gun control law.

What are these morons in Sacramento smoking? Weed doesn't make somebody this stupid. Why continue voting for these imbeciles? Succeeding generations of candidates are usually even more stupid than the ones they will replace...

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