Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Video of ATF/Susteren "Dog&Pony show"(See for Yourself!)

(See this abomination for yourself!)...
Greta Van Susteren Interviews ATF About Mexican Gun Violence

By Opposing Views Editorial Staff

Fox News reporter Greta Van Susteren recently interviewed ATF
agents about the surging violence in Mexico. The ATF is partially repsonsible for enforcing America's gun laws, and recently much of their work has been devoted to stopping the flow of illegal weapons into Mexico. According to the ATF spokesperson interviewed, while the military-grade machine guns used by Mexican drug cartels are being imported from Central America, "the predominate amount of weapons we see are being purchased here [the U.S.] and being traffic to Mexico." ("Big-Lie Bullsh*t"!)...
Later, Greta visited the firing range to learn more about the weapons being smuggled into Mexico and even fire them herself. Video is here:

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