Monday, April 6, 2009

Legislated into criminality & Audie Murphy on RKBA

From John Farnam:

Legislated into criminality, from a friend in SA. This is what is
coming, if we allow it:

"South Africa's new (just the latest) Firearms Act is forcing all of us
with licensed guns to get them re-licensed.

Re-licencing entails a 'competency test,' which is little more than a
loyalty oath to the ANC political party (our version of Democrats). You
get to choose which of your guns you want to keep. The balance are
consigned to the smelting pot!

You may have one gun for 'defense purposes' (better hope it never
breaks), and you may have up to three more in the unlikely event you can
swing a 'sport licence.' You also get to pay an exorbitant fee while
acquiring a 'competency certificate,' which, as noted, has a lot more to
do with political loyalties than with any knowledge of guns.

Once you do all that, then the long wait! Average for processing your
license is two years!

Some time ago, we licensed all our guns. Now, all those duly-licensed
guns have to be re-licensed. We are all wondering how long it will be
before these new licenses will become invalid, necessitating

Our politicians and bureaucrats are paranoid and distrusting of us
'ordinary' citizens. Indeed, we peons need to be 'managed' and
'parented,' but never allowed to do anything for ourselves, never
allowed to grow up. Who yearn for freedom and liberty are declared

A government advert ends of with this pearl of wisdom: 'Re-licence your
firearm, and you'll be part of the fight against crime.'

Yes, we all have to be 'good little Nazis,' don't we?"


"Dusty old helmet, rusty old gun. They sit in the corner and wait -

Two souvenirs of the Second World War that have withstood the time, and
the hate.

Mute witness to a time of much trouble, where "kill-or-be-killed" was
the law -

Were these implements used with high honor?

What was the glory they saw?

Many times I've wanted to ask them - And now that we're here all alone,
Relics of a long-ago war - Where has our freedom gone?

Freedom flies in your heart like an eagle. Let it soar with the winds
high above

Among the spirits of soldiers now sleeping, guard it with care and with

I salute my old friends in the corner, I agree with all they have said

And, if the Moment of Truth comes tomorrow, I'll be free, or, by God,
I'll be dead!"

Audie Murphy
Medal of Honor Recipient, WW2 (See film "To Hell and Back")

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