Friday, April 17, 2009

Know Your Enemy:"Beware conspiracy of dunces with assault rifles "

OPINION: Beware conspiracy of dunces with assault rifles [Beaver County Times, Pa.;] Apr. 13--In light of the murder of three Pittsburgh police officers last weekend, we're going to veer off the usual political course today. If you're a nutty, right-wing conspiracy theorist or an assault rifle fan, just save your time and skip to the Sports section.(OK, begins with insults right out of the starting gate)

Everyone else still with us? Good. Two things occurred to us after the coward Richard Poplawski gunned down officers with an AK-47(buzzword): Why'd this nut have a high-powered assault rifle(Lie & buzzword: 7.62x39 is in fact a reduced power cartridge), and why'd he think the federal government was stripping him of his Second Amendment rights?(Unproved allegation with no attribution ever given in reports of this story). On the AK-47, we'd like to tell all those right-to-bear-arms absolutists, "Thanks." Your efforts to allow mass-killing weapons to flood our country has paid off. Congratulations. You must be so proud. (More misdirection combined with buzzwords and flat out lies: Milclone semi-autos are not and have never been what is implied here: "Machine guns". This so-called "AK-47" was no "mass killing weapon", and this comment is merely a cheap shot only uninformed fools will buy from an "author" worse than foolish: an intentional liar and deciever).

Understand something. We're no namby-pamby, ban-all-the-guns liberal. Our dad kept a loaded Saturday Night Special in his nightstand drawer (Let that one slip, eh?. "Saturday night special" is a buzzword, a pejorative term revived by the gun-ban nuts years ago in reference to affordable firearms. No responsible gun owner would use the term. It is also implicitly racist, since the term was taken from the phrase "Ni**e*town Saturday night", referring to crime problems in drinking establishments. No pejorative was ever developed to explain similar behavior in other parts of town), and we did plenty of target shooting while growing up. (We were pretty darn good, too.) (This proves nothing. It is common for elitists to own firearms but not approve of the "lower classes" having the same rights). Heck, if the (truly liberal) wife wouldn't take the kids and leave, we'd have a gun next to our bed, too. (Just admitted who wears the pants in that family)

But, why is it so important that Americans have the right to own assault weapons (buzzword, and a firearm that technically does not exist in reality, only in political propaganda) whose sole purpose is to kill as many human beings as possible in the shortest amount of time? (Repeating the tired lie & talking point from the 80's anti-semiauto ban nuts. Again, milclone semi-autos are not machineguns, and even true full-auto small caliber rifles are meant to be used at squad level, i.e., several people working in unison, to be effective, and even then with a full sized general purpose machinegun as a base of fire to support the riflemen. This is a lie, based on a fantasy, and is a BIG lie to boot). Now, before you amateur historians start screaming, "Our founding fathers ... ," just shut up.(Misdirection & insult).

Do you really think that the powdered wig-wearing founders of this country imagined a world with AK-47s?(buzzord) Those guys kept women from voting, and some owned slaves. Were those OK, too? (irrelevant & illegitimate argument. Technology is neutral, moral choices do not equate. If the author had done his homework, he would know that many slaveowners did not approve of the practice, both Washington and Jefferson wrote about this). It's 2009, for God's sake. We have orbiting space stations and every 9-year-old has an iPod and cell phone. Times change, whether you like it or not.(The author does not seem to realize this particular argument cuts both ways)

And don't even think about making the ridiculous anything-can-be-a-deadly-weapon-so-why-don't-we-ban-baseball-bats argument. We've never heard of a deranged guy killing three cops in a matter of seconds with a baseball bat. Have you? (Another Misdirection argument: How is time relevant to murder? Ultimately, it is still murder, no matter what the means. The French Knights being slaughtered by waves of English Longbow arrows during the battle of Agincourt might have a different opinion, no gunpowder needed. This is pure scare tactics applied to firearms the author fears and hates). Next on our Rant List today are all those who fan the conspiracy flames and feed the psychoses of the Tin Foil Hat Crowd that obsesses over whacked-out right-wing talk-shows.(Nice set of layered insults here. The old "give a dog a bad name so we can hang em" gambit)

From the creepy and weepy Glenn Beck, Faux News' own Doomsday Nostradamus, to the frightfully kooky extremist Michael Savage to second-tier wannabes like Pittsburgh's Jim Quinn, those who sow the seeds of perpetual paranoia should, but never will, accept their share of blame for the Poplawskis of this world.(So, these individuals are now responsible for the actions of a weak-minded habitual criminal with homicidal intent? Wonder what talk shows Jessie James or Jack the Ripper listened to that inspired them to murder people?. There will always be mental & emotional weaklings in society. Like Barnam's "suckers" they are born every minute. Some become murderers, some don't. The author is playing a twisted blame game here).

Right-wing radio and TV screeches daily about the socialist/Marxist/communist/fascist Obama government storm troopers coming to squelch their right to spew nonsense when there's no threat of that happening. (Google "the Fairness Doctrine").("no threat of that happening"? Where is the proof to back up that statement?. No, the author has selective hearing and is deaf to the propaganda of the side he supports, not to mention what he does himself. This "opinion" is riddled with it!)

They create fantasy scenarios (Obama's coming to take your guns!)(Excuse me, but Obama has never hidden the fact that he wants to ban guns, in fact he just said it again on TV while on his trip to gun-hostile Mexico. Obama openly stated that when the time is right he will do it, and this is also in writing on his own website. This is fact, not fantasy as the author claims) to whip their moronic minions (insults and more insults) into a frenzy for their own commercial success and then play the constitutionally protected victim when their bile results in actual violence.(again with the misdiretion blame game)

Let's say we howled about the county commissioners increasing taxes by 100 percent, even though it isn't remotely true.

Every day we would seethe about those so-and-so commissioners and their socialist/Marxist/communist/fascist intentions. And then one day, a guy walks up to the courthouse and sprays the commissioners' offices with bullets while screaming about his taxes.

You don't think we'd bear any responsibility for that? (Er...I have 2 words for you: Thomas Paine!). We've spent our life defending freedom of speech, and we'd die to keep it. But that freedom is being abused and mocked by despicable clowns whose only true beliefs seem to be higher ratings and revenue generated by followers filled with hate and fear. (another illegitimate argument. Where is the proof of this greed driven allegation? There is none because this can't be proven to begin with and is merely more character assassination)

And, that, our friends, is a damn shame.
(The only shame here is the "author" using the dead bodies, dancing in the blood of those murdered Police heroes to justify this inaccurate, insulting, bombastic, arrogant, elitist attack against citizens exercising their speech & firearms rights by tarring them with the same brush as a psycho-killer. No, the author has deemed, like all too many politicians and their running dogs in the media, that Millions of Americans are ideologically suspect and should be turned into felons merely because of inanimate objects locked in their gun safes. Turned into a "menace" by stroke of a pen, as is the case right now in California. Woe to the Republic if they are forced to emulate that baleful model of unconstitutional tyranny)... As for author "Opinion" piece?. Well, we all know what opinions are similar to, and the author proves he is not only similar to one, he is one!!!...

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