Monday, April 27, 2009

Lest we Forget:The "Assault Weapons" Hoax (origins)

"Assault Weapons"
The center-fire rifle most commonly used for marksmanship training and competition in the United States is the AR-15, arbitrarily defined as an "assault weapon" under the former Clinton Gun Ban and currently under some states' laws.
(NRA Database)
This is where the enemy has used their talking points and media running dogs to define the argument. They took the term "assault" from "assault rifle" (a rifle with full-auto capability i.e.: a "machinegun"), and combined it with the generic term "weapons" (in order to take as many firearms as possible into the "banned" tent) and magically created a mythical media creation, the "assault weapon": A perfect foil to dupe the masses into fear of any "milclone" firearm and/or any firearm displaying modern features.("AK"is now enthroned as a "fear word", something the creator of this firearm, Hero of the Soviet Union Kalashnikov has stated he violently resents, being his name is on it, and he designed it to defeat the Nazis:a worthwhile endeavor...and note this includes simple pistols and shotguns that have what the gun-ignorant ban-fans see as "evil" features). Using the most oppressive semi-auto ban law in the nation, California, as an example, such items as "pistol grips" (must be banned because it "helps the user aim and control the firearm better" was their ignorant & faulty excuse) or "bayonet lugs"(must be banned because criminals will mount bayonet charges against their foes when they run out of ammo/;-) and magazine round limits (usually 10 rounds) from fixed rather than detachable mags. These obviously ignorant and noxious measures are clearly an impotent attempt to put a technology Genie back in a bottle (approximately around the late 1700's) that can only be realized by THREATENING YOU WITH A FELONY RECORD AND PRISON to be effective (Can I get an "Amen" for what is a De Facto blatant misuse of government police power here?...There is no logical reason for anyone to be going to Prison for a piece of plastic on a firearm, this is pure idiocy on it's face. Could you kill someone with a plastic pistol grip detached from a firearm?. Only if you melted it down and turned it into a prison ready shank, maybe). No, they have lied about Semi's,institutionalized their talking points regarding Semi's, and resurrected these zombies to again brainwash & mind control the public with this library of lies. Watch the debate from "Deface The Nation" with Wayne LaPierre Vs. the moderator & Rendell for a perfect example of this in action. Rendell is such a lying,grandstanding blowhard, he refutes LaPierre's facts by simply saying "that is so untrue" (without any factual arguments to support the statement) and gets a total pass on this by the so-called "moderator", while LaPierre is "ganged up" on to be put on the defense throughout this one-sided "debate". La Pierre valiantly argues his points with logic, but is overwhelmed by emotional rhetoric & outright lies from the enemy. Only critical thinkers will be able to see the truth in this sparring match. Check out the video, and always,Brah's: Stay Ready-Stay Hard!...Video at:
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