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From: Dan Gifford

The ‘America Is Arming Mexico's Drug Gangs' Lie
By Dan Gifford
Producer, writer, actor
March 31, 2009
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"There is an iron river of guns that flows South into Mexico [from the
United States] to supply criminal organizations on the border," says Tom
Mangan, senior special agent with Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and
Firearms (ATF) in Phoenix. "They are in the market for machine guns,
hand grenades, rocket-propelled grenade launchers and Stinger
anti-aircraft missiles," he continues. That's right. The drug gangs
can't buy that and other military stuff like the 40MM grenades (the
silver things in the upper left) and the rifles with launchers shown in
the photo below in Mexico, so they drive to the United States and
purchase them from American gun dealers at retail. Isn't that the story
you've been told? Well, congratulations. America's First Amendment
protected propaganda ministry has punked you on another important issue
- this time on behalf of dissembling officials and gun confiscation

For the benefit of those who may not know, machine guns (not the same
thing as the demonized "semi-automatic"), hand grenades,
rocket-propelled grenade launchers, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and
other such military items are illegal to possess by US civilians, which
means they are not for sale in gun stores
. OK, in the interest of
extreme accuracy for anyone in need, there are some civilian owned
machine-guns in America, but they all have to have been registered with
the ATF by 1986 as evidence that a special Treasury tax has been paid
and the owner's residence state has to approve the possession. What's
more, none of these arms has ever been involved in a crime, to my
knowledge, and all are considered very pricey collectors items
. That
means they are not for sale to or in the hands of Mexican drug goons.

That raises some questions:

If Mexican gangsters are not buying military weapons in the United
States, why do people like ATF officials, Attorney General Holder,
Secretary of State Clinton, gun prohibitionists like Sarah Brady and
multitudes of media talking heads claim they are while calling for an
American "assault weapon" ban they say will to keep the Mexican drug
gangs from buying what they really aren't buying here because they can't?

And if Mexican gangsters are not buying their military weapons in
America from gun dealers as claimed, where are they buying them?

Confused? Well, as Fox News' pundit Charles Krauthammer explained in one
of his 1996 Washington Post columns, the answer to question one is quite

"Passing a law like the assault weapons ban is symbolic - purely
symbolic ... In fact, the assault weapons ban will have no effect either
on the crime rate or on personal security. Nonetheless, it is a good
idea ... Its only real justification is not to reduce crime but to
desensitize the public to the regulation of weapons in preparation for
their ultimate confiscation
... Ultimately, a civilized society must
disarm its citizenry if it is to have a modicum of domestic tranquillity
of the kind enjoyed in sister democracies like Canada and Britain ... Yes,
Sarah Brady is doing God's work."

Krauthammer is able to so clearly state the obvious that most government
officials, politicians, gun banners and reporters keep denying because
he does not have to lie to voters in order to stay in office or keep
donations coming in
, as Sarah Brady does. Neither do I. So please note
that all the public safety blather about "plastic guns" that can evade
metal screener detection, "cop killer bullets" that are specifically
made to murder police officers, "Saturday Night Specials" which are
unsafe for anyone to possess (except for police - there's always a
police exception) and the other oft repeated gun control paradigms are
simply bogus media ready scare phrases that have zero to do with public
safety and everything to do with eventually outlawing the private
ownership of firearms

Maybe you agree with that goal and maybe you don't, but that's the
object of "reasonable gun control" advocacy.

The answer to the second question is equally obvious. Gun running from
the United States into Mexico has been going on since the 1800s. But the
stuff bought or stolen here is not the military weaponry we are
continually told is arming the gangs there.
This paragraph from a Los
Angeles Times story managed to get the story right even if nobody else
in the media will report it:

"Most of these [military] weapons are being smuggled from Central
American countries or by sea, eluding U.S. and Mexican monitors who are
focused on the smuggling of semi-automatic and conventional weapons
purchased from dealers in the U.S. border states of Texas, New Mexico,
Arizona and California. . . . The enhanced weaponry represents a wide
sampling from the international arms bazaar, with grenades and launchers
produced by U.S., South Korean, Israeli, Spanish or former Soviet bloc
manufacturers. Many had been sold legally to governments, including
Mexico's, and then were diverted onto the black market. Some may be sold
directly to the traffickers by corrupt elements of national armies,
authorities and experts say ... These groups appear to be taking advantage
of a robust global black market and porous borders, especially between
Mexico and Guatemala. Some of the weapons are left over from the wars
that the United States helped fight in Central America, U.S. officials

Stratfor, a private intelligence agency, noted more:

"Grenades used in three recent attacks in Monterey, Mexico, and
Pharr, Texas, all originated from the same lot delivered from South Korea."

So let's recap.

Attorney General Holder, Secretary of State Clinton, ATF officials and a
host of others claim that an "assault weapon ban" against American
civilians will keep Mexican drug cartels with gazillions of dollars in
their jeans from buying military weapons on the international black market.

Hey, makes sense to me.

Latte anyone?


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