Monday, April 20, 2009

McCain:"No" on AWB, Liberman drinks the Kool-Aid...

McCain has flip-flopped on gun issues for years, and even did an
anti-gun TV spot at one point. Clueless-on firearms Greta Van Sustren
(Fox) brought up Hilary & Obama being in favor of a revived AWB and put
this question to McCain today. McCain said "we" need to beef up BATFE,
and said that the Cartels make millions of dollars and can buy guns
anywhere. When asked directly if he was in favor of a AWB, McCain said
. Pretty words for someone who has no real dog in the fight, and
such a suspect past record on firearms...Stay suspicious
. Liberman,
when prompted by Sustren, made it clear he believed the Cartels are
buying most of their guns in the USA, and suggested higher penalties for
those caught doing "straw-man" buys as the solution
. Shame on you, Joe!
How a man with Liberman's intellect can fall for this anti-gun semi-auto
ban mind-control propaganda is as disappointing as believing McCain is
serious and reliable with his anti-AWB claims

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