Monday, April 13, 2009

Re:"60 Minutes" CBS Latest anti-SemiAuto Segment(The day after ABC 20/20 antigun program)

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From: fleabitten
It's hard to get excited when CBS or ABC's ratings indicate they are preaching to a very small choir.
Like CNN their numbers dwindle every day. The Internet is where most people go for
information. The Big (old) 3 Networks are like Detroit's Big Three: Out maneuvered, irrelevant
and with almost no audience and don't even know it.
Same old same old. Yawn.
From: dave
"same old yawn", gotta agree. in my morning routine its get up, coffee and cigarette and fire up the computer for the news. other than fox i seldom watch t.v. news any more. even my local bird cage liner is online.
From: snake
All true, however, the enemy has the propaganda and mind control outlets we do not!. For example, one videotape/DVD of tonight's "60 Minutes" segment, shown to classrooms full of schoolteens will be more effective at beating down our position than any amount of impotent "Eddie Eagles", particularly in urban neighborhoods where moral relativism, drug trade income, and liberal politics hold the whiphand over the easily manipulated population vulnerable to such propaganda. These are the people who are under threat of lawless "gang-bangers", afraid to testify at fear of being murdered, so the cycle continues. If a few with the stones to resist the criminals (such as new fathers that are ex-military combat veterans not so easily scared off and pushed around, but disarmed due to the draconian gun permit system and the ban against effective, read "California compliant", semiauto milclone rifles similar to what they have been trained on in the Military i.e. "militia rifles") after a few armed encounters, with subsequent reduction of the number of criminal predators, the situation could easily be cleaned up, but there will be a cost in blood and we all know that. Reflexive anti-gunners of the Feinstien, Perata, Robert-Roos, Brown, Clinton, obamunist/acorn, etc. ilk, as demonstrated by this latest propaganda segment on "60 Minutes", could care less about the bodies piling up in the "hood" or anywhere else criminals freely ply their trade against the defenseless, as we all know. Feinstien said she is just waiting to pick the time and place to revive the ban and fully expects the "president" to support it since he has stated so, no less on his website, that he will, despite his previous pro-RKBA propaganda issued when he was running for office. No, we have no space to assume that a dwindling lamestream audience is an indication the enemy is in any way weaker, because, again, they have the tools of persuasion on their side, with an overabundance of useful idiots more than willing to spout the talking points needed to program their drones....

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