Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Big Lie continues-Re: I don't see no steenking 50 cal!

Joe wrote:
THIS is not a .50 anti aircraft machine gun. It is a 1917-1918A series 30 Cal
thousands of which have been given to Latin American Countries over the years
and which has not been in the US inventory for almost 50 years. Jeez the press
is stupid. You need hip waders to read the news anywhere these days.
Snake wrote:
Well, you damn sure can't buy these over the counter in the USA (!!!), and
getting .30-06 ammo to feed this Baby must be a b-yotch!! God, what a bunch of
lying propagandist scum these so-called journalists are!!! (Note:Back in the
70's the USMC were still using these for live fire at the low-crawl barbed wire
John wrote:
Anyone care to talk about MSM exaggeration? That's a Browning M-1919 .30 cal
Machine Gun in the photos I just saw...
And it ain't on an AA pedestal, either.
How many retractions/corrections can we expect to see in the next several
days? Any odds?

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