Thursday, April 23, 2009

Feinstein Vows to Renew Gun Ban(You knew it was coming, Right?)

Feinstein Vows to Renew Gun Ban
(From the blog of Wayne LaPierre)
While the Obama administration wants to lull gun owners into complacency, it's only a matter of time before a massive campaign is launched to deny our firearms freedom.

That's straight from the mouth of one of the most aggressive gun-haters on Capitol Hill- United States Senator Diane Feinstein.

"I'll pick the time and the place, no question about that," Feinstein told CBS on "60 Minutes," when asked if she planned on mounting an effort to renew the Clinton Gun Ban on lawful semi-automatic firearms.

Feinstein made that comment after claiming- wrongly- that American gun shows were responsible for arming drug cartels and violent gangs with so-called "assault weapons."

But despite the facts that prove her claim wrong, the anti-gun senator from San Francisco is as determined as ever to bring back the old gun ban ... and she knows she'll have support from President Barack Obama.

When reporter Lesley Stahl pointed out that it seems the president has a full plate of critical issues to deal with right now, Feinstein agreed.

"I agree with you," Feinstein said, "I wouldn't bring it up now. I'll pick the time and place, no question about that."

But what Feinstein and Stahl and the rest of the anti-freedom crowd don't know is that American gun owners are not complacent. We're not easily duped into a false sense that our freedom is safe. We know it's just a matter of time, and we'll stay ready to defend our rights.

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