Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Mexico debate is just more gun control"

"Mexico debate is just more gun control"
To the editor:
This is in reference to the cartoon about drugs entering the USA from Mexico and
guns entering Mexico from the USA. Tell me why the Mexican drug cartels with
long shorelines on both coasts should buy sporting arms from the USA and try to
sneak them across the U.S. border when they can buy tons of AK 47s on the open
market for a fraction of what they would pay in the USA for sporting arms.

A lot of the guns in Mexico that are in the drug cartels' hands are weapons that
we supplied Mexico to fight the drug war and were stolen from the Mexican
government. Also a lot of American arms are older M-16s that we supplied
Nicaragua when they were fighting the rebels. There is even evidence that some
of them came from weapons that the North Vietnamese captured when Congress
abandoned our allies in South Vietnam.

The administration wants you to believe that we are responsible for the guns
entering Mexico and we need to do something about it. This is just a backdoor
ploy for more gun control. Gun control is more about control than it is about
guns, for that is the ultimate aim of government — Control.

Politicians without regard for the truth, want those who get their information
from sound bites rather than checking the facts, to believe that there is a "Gun
show loophole," when you walk into a gun show the laws of the land are not
automatically suspended, you cannot do anything at a gun show that you cannot do
legally outside of one.

John Blevins


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